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Introducing the EkoTek NEW Product Range

All EkoTek products have a 2-way wireless interface. 2-Way wireless allows configuration to be downloaded from the central Hub to each product, greatly reducing the need for product variants and making it straightforward to change the operating configuration of each device using the Hub web browser interface.



The Pager is multi-function : supporting display of received messages with acknowledgement plus the ability to generate an alarm from the User, Dead-Man or Man-down Features.

Call Fob

The Call Fob allows an assistance call to be generated either by the User pressing a button or automatically by the Dead-Man or Man-Down features. Accurate location information is obtained from nearby Repeaters. The Call Fob can also report the User's location to a Hub web page as the User moves around, allowing User tracking applications such as patient or visitor location to be implemented. Acceptance of assistance calls by an EkoTek Pager is indicated at the Call Fob to reassure the User.


The Hub displays assistance call messages, showing the calling User and location. Device configuration is stored on the Hub and can be changed using a PC running web browser software such as Internet Explorer. Statistics and logs are collected and stored at the Hub and can be viewed using a web browser. Additional web browser functions include creation of pager messages, allowing messages to be sent to individual or groups of Pagers and also location display to allow Call Fob or Pager Users to be located.


Repeaters automatically form the backbone mesh radio network, relaying messages to/from the Hub. The network physical layout is determined by the placing of Repeaters, which may extend across floors and buildings. Repeaters are battery powered and do not need any wires, making installation very quick and low cost. Each Repeater provides a location beacon signal for accurate location determination for alarm signals and also for tracking.