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Problem... Do you need faster/quicker response with staff/patients?

EkoTek is Looking for Resellers and System Integrators

  • Easy to install
  • Reduction in support costs/repeat visits
  • Operates even if radio link is poor
  • No need for complex radio surveys
  • Very competitive against competition
  • Works in any country
  • Very competitive total system cost
  • Locks end customer into complete solution sale


Installation is quick and easy due to the total absence of wires and self-configuring mesh radio network. The 2-way radio supports multiple applications (unlike 1-way radio used in other products). A mesh backbone makes moves and expansion of the radio infrastructure quick and painless - no more problems with coverage due to simplistic 1-hop radio other products use.

Operation at 2.4 GHz means no need for a licence. Initial languages supported are : English, French and Spanish, covering many parts of the world. Product variants have been kept to a minimum as device configuration is download from the Hub to each device i.e. there is no customer specific programming other than the at the Hub using the easy to use web interface.

Want to know more about why EkoTek is perfect for Resellers and Integrators?

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